About Us

Welcome to the world of Electronic and Electrical Components

Established in 1985, by Mr. Jitendra P. Shah 'Mahendra Radio Corporation’ is an autonomous manufacturer, dealer and distributer of the wide range in ‘Electrical and Electronic Components’.

The company gives you an opportunity to equip your electrical network with reliable Rocker Switches, Fuse and Fuse Holders, Terminal Block, Terminal Strips and many more.

Being a sole dealer in Gujarat forNamoelectric Controls (Pune), we offer a wide gamut of Namoelectric switches like push button light switches and weatherproof rocker switches.

All the products offered by us are highly admired by all our honored clients in the quality cautious market.

The company never lacks its innovations. Newer varieties of products are constantly being developed to cater the need of the evolving markets, taking into consideration, the simplicity of usage, efficiency and overall costs.

We constantly strive to give out the best of Industrial Electrical and Electronic components.

With our determination, we have successfully developed a wide array of electrical and electronic products.

Our Goal

With all our strength in customers, infrastructure & quality systems, we target for the global market to expand our operations.

Our Strength

  1. Wide range, flexible options ex-stock available.
  2. High precision work culture.
  3. Honest commitment.
  4. Smooth & effective communication.
  5. Competitive pricing.